Reading List

This is a list of books that I am either reading or hoping to read in the near to not-too-distant future. I have recently discovered some really fabulous writings from our Puritan ancestors and am hoping to read some of these great works to strengthen my own faith. Many of these men were spiritual giants. Compared to the many 98-pound weaklings that collect shells and litter the beaches of the Christian book stores today, these guys were not afraid to swim many miles out into the deep and face down the sharks of faith and spend a few days in the belly of a whale.


Joseph Alleine – An Alarm to the Unconverted

Thomas Watson – The Doctrine of Repentance

Thomas Brooks – Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices

John Owen – THE Three Books on Sin & Temptation

John Owen – Communion with the Triune God

Jeremiah Burroughs – Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Jeremiah Burroughs – Treatise on Earthly Mindedness

Thomas Watson – The Godly Man’s Picture

Thomas Watson – Body of Divinity

Thomas Watson – The Ten Commandments

Thomas Watson – The Lord’s Prayer

Other books I’m either currently reading or have on my radar include:

C. Jack Miller – The Heart of a Servant Leader

Robert Letham – The Holy Trinity

Jerry Bridges – The Gospel for Real Life

Jerry Bridges – Respectable Sins

Jerry Bridges – Trusting God


2 responses to “Reading List

  1. Deb

    Thomas Boston is Very good. I am currently reading Human nature and it’s four-fold state! You may really enjoy this.

  2. Definitely consider adding Stephen Charnock to your list, at least his Existence and Attributes of God. You might want to look in to John Howe as well. I think his Redeemer’s Tears has recently been reprinted, which is quite good. If you’re content with reading things online, or electronically, all of their works are online, like at

    Grace to you,

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