Thoughts on the Rapture

The more I think about “the Rapture”, the more convinced I am that it has already happened.

And that it is happening right now.

And that it will continue to happen.

It happened when the Holy Spirit visited the believers in Jerusalem.  And it has been happening ever since.  The “rapture” is the calling out of the believers from the world.  That is what it is and what it means.  It’s what occurs to the “called-out” ones.  It’s not people floating up toward heaven in their earthly bodies, but it is the spiritual ascent of a once earthbound nature ascending meet the Lord in glory.  Even now, the Lord Jesus Christ is breaking forth from the clouds on the white horse, wielding the Sword of the Spirit and claiming His own out of the world.  Even now, judgment is being pronounced and some are being called out.

What happens in the Rapture?  The world loses its hold.  It loses its appeal… loses its grip on some poor sinner’s soul.

The rapture happened to the early church, and has continued to happen since its formation as the Spirit has continued through history to call men out of darkness for His good pleasure.  It is happening right now.  And it will continue to happen.

But not only is this true for the church, it is true as well for the individual. . .

What happened to me?

I was raptured.

I was a vile and worthless sinner who justified himself.  I didn’t believe in sin. . . the worst that I would confess was maybe a couple of bad habits.  Because I saw no sin in me or in the rest of the world (I was totally in denial of this doctrine) I saw no need of a Savior.  I didn’t imagine myself needing to be saved by anyone from anything for any reason.  I was depraved and liked the way I was.  I liked the the alcohol and the cigarettes and the other indulgences I partook of.  I saw nothing wrong with any of that.  I was totally content to live for my own self and for my own self-pleasure.  Though I had gone from an atheist to someone that thought they knew much about God, and loved Him, the truth is I hated Him.  I would not read His word.  I hated Christianity with a passion.  I fancied myself enlightened and thought Christians narrow-minded and ignorant.  I mocked them and rejected Jesus as “the Savior” and the “only way”.  But then one day because of His great mercy, God opened my eyes.  He gave me a new heart.  He convicted me of sin and showed me how great my need for a Savior really was.  And it began that day.  I was raptured.  I was called out of this world.

What is happening to me?

I am being raptured.

I find that since that day, there has been a lot of change taking place.  Some things happened quickly, almost instantaneously.  Some things have taken some time.  But over time, I have found that I don’t want to listen to certain kinds of music that want to glory in the world and the flesh, that boast in man and all the sin that dwells in the domain of darkness.  I do not want to watch scary movies I once enjoyed.  I do not even want to go to video stores for all the grotesque or lewd movie cases.  I really don’t care to watch tv shows or movies that are blatantly opposed to Scripture.  I have a hard time with so many movies because they are all about willfully desecrating the commandments (you shall not kill and you shall not commit adultery takes out about 95 percent of Hollywood’s options right there).  I am not interested in “the news”, or politics, or political discussion.  I don’t spend several hours during the week or on the weekend watching sports.  I don’t want to go play pool and hang out at a bar.  I don’t want to drink or smoke cigarettes (or anything else).  I don’t want “a buzz”.  I don’t want to go to concerts or spend hours talking about sports and other meaningless stuff.  I don’t even enjoy riding in a car with coworkers on the way to a restaurant when they are listening to God-abominating music or engaging in crude conversations.

I want to talk about God!  Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my brothers and sisters in the faith, sharing with them, meeting needs, talking about the things of God, glorifying Him in word and deed, studying the Scriptures, and praying and giving thanks to God for everything I can see Him doing, sharing with my wife and my children the glory of God.  “What is wrong with me?” the world would ask. I’m being raptured!  I’m being called out of this world.

And the more I ask “What is right with this world!?” the more it asks, “What is wrong with him!?”

What is going to happen?

I will be raptured!

I am not getting any younger.  The days of my youth are behind me and the grass is already beginning to wither, the flower beginning to fade.  Where once there was a proud (or shall I say vain) crown of locks, there is only skin.  The whiskers of my beard grow whiter by the month.  The aches and pains in my body increase, and I know that at some point I will probably get sick and die, unless the Lord sees fit to call me out suddenly.  But one way or the other, one day I will no longer be in this body or this world. . . but I will dwell with the Lord in glory forever.  The thoughts of this world will fade away, and the thought of me in this world will fade just as quickly.  Here I am but a vapor.  But on that Day I will be with Christ forever.  I will be raptured!  I will be forever called out!

Oh, take me, Lord.  Rapture my soul.  But before you take me out of this world completely, take this world out of me and let me shine as a light for your glory.  Just for a little while.  May it please You, my King, to glorify Yourself through me.


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