Get Off Facebook – BE A MAN!


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One response to “Get Off Facebook – BE A MAN!

  1. Daniel

    I can't help but find some irony in this, even though I believe I understand the underlying point that Paul is making here, but the fact that we're watching him say this in a video through a medium like YouTube is sort of interesting… I've watched lots of videos of Paul (and been very challenged and encouraged by them), whether imbedded in blogs, or on Facebook, and it seems like it would be really contradictory to suggest that doing so equates to "playing games", just because it was through a social networking site. A medium is just that, a medium, and is as pointless or as useful as you choose to make it. It's like saying, "Stop using your cell phone, and go do something for God". It's just such a generalizing statement that it's hard to take seriously, even though I understand that he is really just urging people to make their time on this earth count, and not waste it on any of the countless distractions that are available to us in this day and age…

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