Covetousness and Contentment, in Contrast and Contradiction




If one had a double-sided mirror, with one side facing directly at the Light, and the other at the darkness, you might say that the side reflecting Light was Contentment, and the side reflecting darkness was Covetousness. That is precisely how close and yet how far apart the two are. They are in direct contradiction to one another, just as are pride and humility. And is not even pride a portion of the effect of that same reflection of darkness which we call Covetousness… and is not humility just as much an effect of the reflection of Light we have called Contentment. It is the heart that is surrendered to the Light, and no longer besieged with its own infernal desire to be exalted as righteous of its own accord—but rather the heart that is abased and that willingly confesses its own deep wellspring of iniquity and depravity—this is where the Light shines. This is where Contentment lives. But the heart that seeks of its own (and for its own) the unrequited passions rooted in feeding and pleasing itself at the expense of all else, seeking to appease its own voracious need for elevation, exaltation, and erudition—this is the heart of the devil himself; it is the heart of darkness. This is where Covetousness grows and spreads like a cancer.


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