Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Happy New Year.  Be happy in the Lord.

As another year begins, I just feel compelled to give thanks for some of the many, many things I have to be thankful for.

For my mom’s improvement since her diagnosis of Parkinson’s just a few short months ago, and for putting us close to her so we can help her out.  Thank You, Lord.

For my brother David’s wife who is perfectly all right in spite of being rear-ended last night by an 8,000 pound truck carrying 13,000 pounds of steel that slammed into her parked car last night at an impact speed of about 70 miles per hour.  Thank You, Lord.

For helping me fix the water heater, and for the grace you gave me Monday morning recalling all of the things I had to be thankful for instead of letting me complain about a little cold water.  Thank You, Lord.

For Your/our wonderful church and the many families in it that make up the one big family, and for my brother Terry who opened up his home tonight for his church family to gather, worship, and fellowship.  Thank You, Lord.

For our pastor and our deacons, and the large group of motivated men who are so eager to encourage and to exhort one another and grow in godliness; and that you have put this desire in our hearts.  Thank You, Lord.

For the many, many wonderful people in Your church that bless and touch my heart so deeply, and for the love and grace You pour out on Your people for Your glory and our good.  Thank You, Lord.

For my wonderful wife, who even though she had to stay home with the boys tonight recovering from a stomach bug, still had a great time with my two youngest bringing in the new year.  Thank You, Lord.

For the healing and restoration of my brother Tony’s wife since our visit to the hospital this past Sunday.  Thank You, Lord.

For my job, my boss, and my coworkers… and the means to take care of my family and to contribute both time and money to the church and our community, and even the desire to do so.  Thank You, Lord.

For the three beautiful children You have entrusted to my care, to grow, nurture and share Your love with, thank You.  For all the prayers we’ve prayed together this past year.  Thank You, Lord.

For my seven year old who is diligently reading his Bible and understanding what he’s reading, thank You.  Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord.

For my wife’s parents who are so wonderful and loving, and for helping our Baba to heal after her back surgery.  Thank You, Lord.

For the books, the situations, and most especially the people that You have used this past year, to instruct me, to enlighten me, and to chasten and convict me in so many different areas.  Thank You, Lord.

For the undeserved blessing of Your grace in so many areas of my life–in my friendships, in my family, in my successes, in my failures, in my trials and in my temptations.  I am so far from worthy; You truly deserve ALL the glory for anything anyone may see in me and say is “good” or “right” or “true”.  Thank You, Lord.

And thank You most especially for the gospel of Your grace.  That you died for sins, specifically for my sins.  That You called me from a state of rebellion, even death.  That You rescued one such as me from the judgement I was due and rightfully earned… words could never say enough: Thank You, Lord.

Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.

In Your Name and for Your glory, Jesus.  Amen.



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2 responses to “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  1. Your wife

    And, I thank you, my husband for picking me up when I am down. For growing yourself and our family in the Word, for being diligent when times are difficult. I thank you for your patience, when I stumble. I look forward to 2009 and I especially look forward to spending it with you and our kids. I love you and I am so proud of who God has helped you become and what we are becoming as one. I love you. Kim

  2. P2

    🙂 What more could I ask for than the respect and appreciation of my wife? Thank you, babe.

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