The Devil's Happy Holiday

Too dour?

I wrote this a little while ago, and wasn’t sure if I’d put this up or not.  Feel free to leave your comments.

The Devil’s Happy Holiday

If the devil had a holiday, he would make it really nice
Hiding selfishness in giving, and sin in sacrifice
He would encourage us to focus on so many different things
That we would have no time to spend with the King of Kings

The poor would be reminded of their poverty and plight
And the rich reward each other to make themselves feel somehow right
And the brutal consequences of this fallen world we’re in
Would be hidden and glossed over as if to hide the sins of men

Layers bright and shiny would conceal most every vice
And the darkness in our hearts would hide amongst the twinkling lights
It would seem so very special and make everyone feel good
So that sleeping, none would question the fires burning more than wood

And every heart’s selfish desire would be realized and felt
For just a frozen magic moment before the flames begin to melt
The image, just a semblance, of some peace and satisfaction
Before desires light new fires and “peace” crumbles to distraction

If the devil had a holiday, would it not be just like this?
A stressful, maddening moment of an ever-fleeting bliss
It would look like just like an idol, perhaps a lovely golden calf
But it would not feed the hungry, and would blow away like chaff

It would glorify the person, and the glitter… and the gold
It would not focus on the Savior, but on goods both bought and sold
On things where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal
Tearing hearts and minds away from holiness and zeal

Gone would be true sacrifice, and love for God would wane
And a moment’s satisfaction would give way to lasting pain
He would hide the hook and set the bait, then cast his line our way
And reel us in to spit and roast… if the devil had a holiday

Simple Mann



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2 responses to “The Devil's Happy Holiday

  1. Kenny Kirk

    I would say he does have a holiday. Good work.
    Here is to staying focused this season, on the one who is worthy of all focus, our Lord, The Christ, The King, Jesus.

  2. P2

    Thank you, brother. As “the day” gets closer and closer, I’ve been praying with my kids that our list of wants would grow shorter instead of longer, until all we desire is Christ. All I want for Christ-mas is more Christ. Oh, that we all would have an increased desire for the presence of our Lord on that day instead of the presents of the world.

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