Peace & Blessings

Well, it’s been pretty quiet around my blog lately, but surely not in my life.  A lot of activity there.  My wife had surgery this past week; we had a scary day after, and then a couple better days of improvement before we left the hospital this past Friday.  I started a new job barely a month ago, we’ve had some unrest in our church… lots of different things going on.  And yet, through it all there is Peace.  And Blessings.

I have been so humbled this week by the wonderful ways God has blessed my family through the grace and kindness of others–through our brothers and sisters in the church, our pastor, our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends.  Through my new boss and coworkers.  Through prayer, through food delivery, phone calls and visits, and various people helping us care for and love our children.  In every possible area, and through countless avenues, we have been the undeserving recipients of God’s grace in so many different ways.  Our prayers have been filled with thanksgiving this weekfor so many things and so many people God has blessed us with.  All of you who read this tiny, little blog that have been a part of the past few weeks in our tiny, little lives–there is no way I could ever express to you how much you mean to us, how much we appreciate you, and how thankful we are to God for you.  May the Peace and the Blessings that have come to us through you return to you a hundred fold.  This I pray in Jesus name.  Amen!

Peace & Blessings,
Simple Mann


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