The Sin of Abortion

When it comes to the topic of abortion, the thing that no one really wants to confront directly is that for there to be a dramatic change in the sin of abortion, there must be a dramatic change that affects the abortion of sin itself. I will state clearly and publicly that I am no proponent of this evil act, but I will not allow myself to be manipulated by the world–which politics is most certainly a system of the world, and any who have failed to see that have failed to see clearly. I think it is rather unfortunate that so many professing Christians–many of whom have denounced so many other worldly influences that take us away from our focus on God, such as movies and television, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and even video games–will allow themselves to get carried away by the lure of politics. In my lifetime, the bait of abortion has been set on the hook of politics to lure many Christians away from their first love, diverting them away from the Great Commission of sharing the gospel, endeavoring instead in a humanitarian effort that, as much as I hate to admit is destined to fail. The focus for many well-meaning Christians has shifted from saving those sinners who need to be born again to those who have yet to be born at all, and while it is a noble and virtuous position to take, it is one that will never succeed through political means.

I read somewhere that 4,000 fetuses are aborted every single day in this country. That is an outrageous travesty. That means that 11,688,000 occurred (or will have occurred) under the leadership of the Conservative, confessing Christian George W. Bush. No substantial changes in legislation have occurred, not even when he had both houses of Congress, a fairly agreeable Supreme Court, and the support of an entire nation behind him after 9/11. Why? Because the real truth of the matter is that no matter who is in the White House, abortion isn’t going away.  But why? Because we are a selfish, sinful people. We’re sinners.

Something most people do not want to talk about when it comes to this topic of abortion, is abortion at a personal level. Do you know anyone who’s had an abortion? I do. I know a few, and truth be told, I probably know more than I think I do. What do I mean? I mean, the people that I know had one, I know intimately enough to know about. I’m sure our churches and possibly even our families, and the families of our closest friends are littered with people who live with the guilt of one, although we may never even know it. Are they horrible, damnable people who deserve nothing more than the fires of hell? Absolutely. But so am I. And so are you, friend. We all are.

I know people who were once alcoholics, drug addicts, sex addicts, adulterers, Satanists, God-mockers, and some who were just plain vile and vicious, selfish and sinful. I know some people still are, and many will stay that way. But I also know some whom God has chosen and whom God has changed. I consider myself blessed to be one. Sinners all, and I will say as Paul, myself a chief among them. All too many (dare I even say every SINGLE one) of us who call on the name of Christ as Savior today have made decisions in the past for which we are ashamed, done things motivated by sin and selfishness and all the power of Satan upon us. All of us deserve His righteous judgment and the full fury of His wrath. Yet God in His great mercy took pity on us. This is the gospel ~ that we may be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ! Not because of anything we have done, but because of what He has done.

We won’t be saved because we voted Republican or voted Democrat (or chose not to vote at all). We won’t be saved because we had a baby instead of an abortion. Indeed, I am sad to say I know (and love) people who have had lots of babies and unless God does a work in their lives, they are destined for hell. I don’t like to say that, but it’s true.

When it comes down to it, abortion is a matter of the law, and we know well enough that no one is saved by the law. I don’t like it, either, am not here to defend it, but I have come to understand that some things like abortion, adultery, and pornography will not go away simply because a segment of the population is publicly offended by them. They won’t go away because for all of our public offense, enough people still commit themselves to them privately that their presence will persist. Until our Lord comes to establish His Kingdom in all His glory, we will live in this fallen world and suffer its sin. And why? Because it is full of sinners who love their sin–just as we ourselves once did and even today rely completely on the power of His Spirit to overcome. And lest I forget myself, Lord, help me to not pray like the Pharisee, thanking you I am not like that poor sinner who stands over there beating his breast and pleading for mercy, for I am that poor sinner, crying out, “Have mercy on me, A SINNER!”

I cannot count the number of emails I’ve received over the last couple of months that have sought through all sorts of persuasion, often relying on fear, deception, and half-truths to convince me that Barack Obama is evil, that he’s a Muslim, the anti-Christ, an abortion-lover, or some such other wicked thing. Truth be told, I don’t think that he is any of those things. And neither is John McCain. You know what they are? Sinners. Just like the people who keep sending me the emails. Sinners. Just like you and me.

But let us return to this topic of abortion. Yes, it is a sin. Thou shalt not commit murder. It’s the sixth commandment. It is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. As I already said, though, how many people do we really know that might have had one at some point in their life? And are they outside the bounds of Christ? That does not make it right, and one would hope that our brothers and sisters in the church are not still having them. And I’m sure we’d all agree, it is a great and polarizing topic to discuss. We can all get together and hate this sin collectively.

But what of adultery? Is this not the very next commandment given by God–and how often has this one been violated WITHIN the very walls of the church!? Yet, do we say that this is less abominable in the eyes of our Holy God? That some sins are more forgivable? Does not adultery destroy just as many (if not more) families in our culture–and especially in our church–as abortion? Yet who makes this a platform position–to do away with any and all forms of adultery–including and starting with pornography!? No one. Now why is that? Because it has become an acceptable sin in the eyes of man? In the eyes of God, though, is the one worse than the other or are they equally abominable? In fact, did God Himself not punish David for his adulterous sin with Bathsheba by committing an abortion on the child she bore him in their sin? That was the judgment that the prophet Nathan pronounced in 2 Samuel 12. This by no means justifies the act of abortion, for the actions of God are always just. God does not violate His own law because sin is not in Him, and unto Him alone should be the power to grant and take away life. But I think it is a point worth considering in light of this discussion.  Abortion was the judgment God visited upon David for his adultery with Bathsheba.  Is it possible that abortion is the judgment God is visiting on us for our adultery, too?

The truth about this heinous practice is that it is NOT a cause, but an effect. It is not the source of our sickness, but a symptom. It bears witness to our selfish, sinful natures, but is the fruit and not the root of them.

(To be continued…)


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