The Christian Soldier's Gut Check

Whether you are on fire, lethargic, or falsely assured, I think these (or something similar) are some good questions to ask yourself every so often.  Feel free to use them for you own edification.  There is no copyright; you may use or re-use them however you desire.  I would only ask that you use them wisely.  Don’t cheat.  Answer honestly.  And don’t share your answers.

Peace & Blessings,
Simple Mann

The Christian Soldier “Gut Check” Checklist

Do you submit to the authority that God has place in your life, or do you reject and rebel against it?

Are you performing your familial duties within the home, whatever your station may be (husband, wife, or child) in obedience to the Lord?

When you perform those duties, do you to them to the best of the ability God has given you, or do you seek to do the minimum you can get away with?

When you perform your duties, do you do them with an angry heart and with resentment, or do you them with an attitude of love and appreciation?

Do you long to please God, or are you more concerned with pleasing your self?

Do you spend the majority of your time focused on things that direct your mind and heart toward godliness, or do you spend the majority of your time on things that direct you away from God?

Do you set aside some time everyday to spend alone with God, studying His word and seeking Him in prayer, or is your schedule to busy and full to allow any time for Him?

If you are too busy to spend time with God, can you list what all of the other “important” things are that take up all the time you have to spend with God (such as browsing through stores or shopping catalogs, talking with friends, browsing the Internet, watching TV, etc.)?

Do you set aside time everyday to spend with your family worshipping God together, or do you avoid this if at all possible?

Do you look forward to attending Church and being in fellowship with the body of believers whenever they meet, or do you only do so grudgingly?

Do your conversations reflect your love for God? Do you seek to glorify Him in your speech whenever possible? Or do you glorify yourself in your speech with conversations that reflect your own vanities, selfish desires, or even worse, gossip and slander?

If you were to honestly baseline and assess your heart on a normal day, would it be more to seek to glorify God or to gratify the flesh?

Do you honestly think that your life honors and glorifies God? Do you think that you are drawing the lost to Him as a result of your character and heart attitude, or are you drawing them to yourself?

Does your life (especially as a husband/father or wife/mother) draw your family members into a closer, more intimate relationship with God? If not, why not?

If you were to die today, would you feel like you have done the very best job possible sharing the love of Christ with your spouse, teaching your children to love and obey God?

If you were to die today, would you feel like you have taught your children–by both the time you have spent teaching and the time you have spent demonstrating by your own example–everything you think they need to live a godly life?

If your children were to have the exact same sort of relationship with God that you have, would that be the most that you could hope for? Or would you prefer them to have a deeper relationship with God than you yourself do?

Do you really and truly love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself? Or are there idols in those places where God should be, and

When you pray, do you pray for people—whether in the church, or in your family—who have needs only God can meet, or for direction when they have needs you can meet… or for opportunities to witness and share the gospel with lost people God has placed in your life? Or do you instead pray for things to gratify your own flesh, whatever they may be?

If someone were to secretly record everything you did for a week, would they see God being honored and the character of Christ reflected in the majority of things you say and do, or would they see you? Would you look radically different from someone who didn’t know Christ at all, or would look more like the world than you would care to admit?

Finally, what do you want the testimony of your life to be? What do you want the impact of your life to be on the people God has brought into your life? When your time of influence is up, will the time you have invested and the relationships you’ve made continue to draw people closer to God and to a hope in eternity? Will there be a rejoicing with God when your life is through, and an assurance that you have gone to be with your Savior? Or will there be an awkward uncertainty and a momentary sadness by your family and friends before the memory of your life vanishes like a vapor?

Are these questions offensive to you? Do they make you uncomfortable or defensive, even angry? Or are you glad to have an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with Christ and correct any aspects of that relationship that need correction?


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