Destructive Doctrines, Playing to the Audience, Et. Al.

I wish I knew what I needed to provide links here on this page to articles on other blog sites that I would like to share. But since I’m still learning how to manage this stuff, I’ll have to do this the only way I know how. There are some good articles that I thought were worth sharing, and if you have time do go and read them!

First, Johnny Helms has a great series of posts on his blog site “Amazed In His Presence” on the Wolf of Faith folks and the warnings in 2 Peter. Well worth the read:

Destructive Doctrines in the 21st Century Church

Next, Dan Philips posted a good article on whether or not pastors should play to the audience when preaching the word:

Pyromaniacs: “Play to the audience”? Absolutely!

And finally, I enjoyed this article about the folks who came out to speak out against the heretical Lakeland poster-child of the New Apostolic Reformation, Todd Bentley:

Lakeland Fire Fizzles in LA

Peace & Blessings,
Simple Mann


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