Happy Birthday

I had the pure joy of going to visit some friends from Church in the hospital this evening. This young couple just gave birth to their first child, a sweet little girl named Moriah. I got to hold this precious little babe in my arms as I talked to the proud new parents and momma’s momma. How precious and wonderful the work God does in the miracle of birth and new life. It gave me pause to think on it again as I looked down into that sweet baby girl’s face. And now as I sit here pondering the wonderful and precious mystery of birth, I think also of our second birth–which Jesus spoke about to Nicodemus. I ask, is it any less miraculous and beautiful, that process by which we are born again into the kingdom of God? What great God is this who brings us into the world, who forms us in the womb of our mother, and breathes His own life-breath into us? And what great God who also calls us out of that world, and who gives us His Spirit and ETERNAL life, that we may be so privileged to know Him and to live eternally in His presence.  How completely humbling.

The miracle of life. The mystery of birth. God’s glorious wonder. His awesome power. Without Him, none would be.

“Be still and know that I am God.”


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