Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

It’s not just a book by John Piper.  Although it is that, and one I would like to read one of these days, it is a subject that I’ve thought about for a while.  I was looking up some Paul Washer videos on youtube and came across a guy that had posted several, but he also had several Todd Bentley videos.  I spent a little time watching a few of the Bentley videos and reading stuff on different web sites about him.  I just cannot believe how willingly and easily people can be deceived.  And the people who defend him against those of who reject false christs and false prophets–wow.  Talk about deceived and vitriolic.  One of the things that got me to thinking, though, was what makes these “faith healers” so “successful” at what they do… which is basically, stir up people’s emotions and lead them down the broad road of deception.  I think it is because people (especially in our culture of comfort) don’t want to suffer.  Anything but suffering!  However…

God’s glory is often and most effectively revealed through the sovereignty of His suffering.  Think of what He did for the elect on the Cross?  True believers are blessed just as much by the burdens they bear by the gracious Spirit He has given them–in fact, probably even moreso–than they ever would be by their instant healing and removal.  In fact, the desire to be free from any sort of suffering is the cry of the flesh.  Suffering because of God’s sovereignty often brings about the evidences of grace in a believer’s life that draw other people to Christ.  Can God miraculously heal people?  Hey – God is sovereign.  He can do whatever He wants.  But He always receives the glory for what He does; He does not share it with a man.  When a man is receiving all the glory and the attention for something, you can be sure it’s not from God.

Peace & Blessings


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