God's Testimony (in my life)

Well, I finally got around to something I’ve felt a burden to do for a while. I spent an hour or two last night writing down God’s testimony in my life last night, going back through how God called to an arrogant atheist in his 20s and pursued him through the utter deprivation he chose to live before hearing the gospel from a repentant gay Satanist hairstylist. Yes, you heard it right. Of all the people God could have used to preach repentance to my soul, he used this lowly, broken man, that had it not been for my wife (well, wife-to-be at the time), I would have never met or spoken to. I have to say, God’s sovereignty is absolutely amazing. He can do whatever He wills, wherever He wills, whenever He wills, and however He wills. And to whomever He wills, using whoever He wills. My Lord completely dumbfounds and astounds me in the best of all possible ways. I will never cease to praise His name, the one who called me and who saved me from my own complete and utter destruction. The one who plucked me out of the pit I deserved. The one who loved me and sought me even when I cursed and hated Him. Brothers and sisters, the Lord is SO good. If you are interested in knowing how He broke me, broke the power of sin over me, and brought me to repentance when I was set completely against Him, please take a look at the “About” page on this site. It is the testimony of what God has done in one repentant sinner’s life. And let me tell you, it brings me to tears every time I think about it.

Peace and blessings!
Simple Mann


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