Psalm 32 – Blessed is the man!

Our pastor wrote in his devotional message for the day:

Psalm 32:1-2

“Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man against whom the LORD counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.”

The greatest problem of man is not finances, career, heritage, materialism, drugs, alcohol, neighborhood, social status, education, or any other such horizontal predicament, but rather the greatest issue with man is a sin issue. The cure for this problem of sin is not 12 steps to a better life, moral reform, psychiatric help, educating a better you, nor is the cure found in man-centered religion that focuses upon trying to find good in the man. The only cure for the radical problem of sin is found in a Savior who died on Calvary, shed his blood, paid our ransom, diverted the wrath of God, purchased a people, and sealed us till the day of redemption. Until man is brought to the end of himself by the law of God, caused to repent, and turned to have faith in Jesus alone he will never have peace in his life and he will never be right with God. The cross is the only cure for this sin problem.

The Christian is the most blessed person upon the entire earth. No matter where the Christian may be found and no matter what circumstance he may be found in, he is the most blessed man on earth. If the Christian is found in the hospital, surgery, locked in prison for his faith, in a third world country under persecution, on a deserted island, in an airplane that is about to crash, in rush hour traffic with a broke down car, at a funeral of a loved one, or any other like circumstance he is still the most blessed man on all the earth. Why? Why is the Christian the most blessed man on all the earth? The world tells us that the most blessed person is the one with the most money, biggest house, fanciest car, and etc., but our God tells us that the most blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. O blessed thought, our sins are covered. When the Christian stands before the great tribunal of God he will know and hear that his God does not count his iniquity against him and that he is FORGIVEN! When standing on the precipice of life and death with heaven and hell in the balance, the only thing that will have any worth to the soul of man is to hear his God say, FORGIVEN.

Dearly beloved, who is it that brings a charge against you this day? If the LORD is not counting iniquity then rejoice in the blessed fact that Christ has paid your sin debt, his blood has covered you, and you are FORGIVEN!


AMEN!!!! That is the GREATEST news, isn’t it? I just love the TRUE gospel of our Lord. I love to hear it and to know it, and to bask in the glory of our King. I know if I don’t keep coming back to this truth to make it my daily bread, I become weak when I face the trials and tribulations of life. But when I feast on the work our Lord has done, I can rejoice even in suffering because I know what He has done. For as lowly a sinner as me! Amazing grace!

Peace, Blessings & Joy!


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