I’ve been reading the Foundations of the Christian Faith by James Montgomery Boice over the last few days. It’s a really nice book of theology. Well, actually it’s four books, each of which is broken into four separate parts. I am reading Part III of Book I right now, and have really enjoyed some of the insights Boice relates in the Word of God and Attributes of God. In particular, I appreciated his discussion of the sovereignty of God, the righteousness, and holiness of God–and why they are so particularly threatening to a sinful, unregenerate heart.

I’ve also been reading a little bit of Joseph Alleine’s “Alarm to the Unconverted” and Thomas Watson’s “Doctrine of Repentance”. In addition to those, I’m also reading a copy of Vince Antonucci’s “I Became A Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T Shirt”. Why do I hear the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the other ones” going through my head?

Vince Antonucci declared on his own web site that he is “not really a theology guy” (which does strike me odd for a pastor to say). I must admit, though, that I really like the books that expound the profundity of God and his plan of salvation. I’ve enjoyed reading Vince’s book, but it kind of reminds me of lunch at Taco Bueno. I like the taste, and it’s better than Long John’s, but it does not really fill me up like a steak and loaded baked potato. It just doesn’t feed my soul like a good meal of solid theology. I’m pretty sure that isn’t normal, but that’s how I feel about it.

And unfortunately, that’s about all I have to offer right now. I’m about to fall over in my chair. Time to head to bed.


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