April Fool

Though today is April Fool’s Day and I may be feeling rather like a fool, I assure you this is not a joke. This is a web site.

I sort of feel like a 5 year old entering a room full of grownups at a dinner party—small and insignificant, uncertain and intimidated. It’s completely unnecessary to feel that way, since I don’t expect too many people will notice me standing over here in the corner behind the hors devours and beside the house plant. And even if they do notice, I’m sure I’ll get a quick glance and that will probably be all the attention I get, so what is there to concern myself with? I might as well sit down right here by this potted plant and play in the dirt while I wait on the busyness in the room to settle down. Everyone is engaged in conversations already, and who here has any time for one as small as a child?

And so I begin.

Hello, Mr. Potted Planted. My name is Simple. Simple Mann. I am creating a web site today. How are you?

(No response)

Well, you must be full of nutrients and other good stuff, because your leaves looks terrific. You must be proud.


Well, okay. I guess this is what conversations with houseplants are like, then. Not too different than one-sided conversations in cyberspace, huh?


Yeah… okay, then. Well, welcome to my little corner of the room then. Feel free to stay as long as you like. It’s okay if you get some dirt on the carpet, too. I won’t mind. And you can talk or be as quiet as you like. Just so long as you know that you are welcome.


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